One-click calendar scheduling without leaving your email

Boomerang's scheduling features save you and your guests lots of time by eliminating back-and-forth emails, double bookings, and missed meetings due to typos. Best of all, you don't even have to leave your email.

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Our patented technology works no matter what email and calendar apps your guest uses.

Schedule 5 or more meetings a month? Try Bookable Schedule

Bookable Schedule only takes a few minutes to set up your availability and each new meeting takes only two clicks to schedule. Plus, it supports multiple calendars, automatically integrates with Zoom and Google Meet, displays dual time zones, and more. You can even personalize meeting invites on a per-meeting basis.

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If you add an event to your calendar that overlaps with one of the suggested times, it will be automatically removed!

Suggest Times - Schedule Meetings in One Email

Use suggest times to schedule a meeting in a single email - no more back and forth! Just choose a set of times that are good for you and email it to your guest. Your guest clicks a time inside that email, and the meeting is in both your calendars!

Thanks to Boomerang's Magic Live Calendar, everything works perfectly even if your availability changes after you send the email.

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Share Free/Busy - meeting scheduling on autopilot

Share a live snapshot of your free or busy schedule with anyone you're emailing. Use this lightweight approach to sharing your schedule and give your guest access to your availability information without giving up any privacy.

As your schedule fills up, your available times update automatically, every time they open the email, so you can prevent double booking.

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If you're flexible about when meetings happen, or if you've ever tried an AI scheduling service, you'll love Share Free/Busy.


Say farewell to typos and that extra calendar tab you had to keep open!

The fastest, easiest way to turn an email into an event

When you get an email that has a date or a time in the text, we'll detect it for you. Click Add Event, and we'll pre-populate a calendar event for you with everything filled in from the information inside the email. We'll find meeting links, locations, times, time zones, dates, attendees, and everything else.

No more separate invitations, no more confusion, just the information that you need when you need it.

Effortless meeting scheduling on the go

Meet the most powerful meeting scheduling solution that's ever existed in a mobile app. Boomerang is the only email app in the App Store with the ability to suggest meetings or share your availability with one tap! Get it on your iPhone today.


Experience the zen of effortless productivity on the go, with Boomerang for iOS.

Respectful for guests, too

Start any relationship on the right foot. Putting all the scheduling legwork on your potential customer makes them feel like they're not a priority for you. Same with asking them to sign up for a service they don't want.

Boomerang scheduling works inside email, so it respects your guest and saves them time and effort too. They don't have to change their workflow, leave their email, or reply to the fake robot assistant 8 times before meeting with you.

Works with everything

Because Boomerang's scheduling features use plain old email under the hood, they're compatible with Gmail/Google Calendar, Outlook, iCloud, Android, iPhone, Yahoo, Rackspace, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and pretty much anything else*. Now, you don't have to worry about it.

*except Mutt. If they use Mutt, it will look like butt.

Error free

It's plain silly to miss a meeting due to a typo. With Boomerang, missing a meeting because of typos, time zone translation, reading a calendar incorrectly, or forgetting to send a reminder is a thing of the past.


The Magic Live Calendar provides your real-time schedule, without giving up your privacy.

Meet the Magic Live Calendar

Why is Boomerang the best scheduling solution? The secret is a piece of patented technology we call the Magic Live Calendar.

Use a Magic Live Calendar to embed a live, interactive view of your calendar into an email you send. Every time your guest opens the email, everything will automatically be up to date, even if your schedule has changed since you sent the email.

Schedules change all the time, but now you don't have to send a hundred emails to keep up with the changes. No more back and forth!

Packed with power tools

Automatic holds

When you have an especially important meeting, ask Boomerang to reserve all of the time slots you send to someone. We'll create tentative calendar events for all of them so you don't have to worry about accidentally overbooking. Then, when your guest picks a time, we'll remove the other times from your calendar automatically.

Meeting reminder emails

You do all the work to get a meeting in everyone's calendar, and then the morning of, they get called in for diaper duty and forget about your meeting. No longer! Check a box, and Boomerang will send a reminder email for you.

Integrated with Boomerang

Have the email thread with all the meeting details go away for a while, and then come back to the top of your Inbox a couple hours (or a day, or a week) before the meeting!