Work with us

Love productivity? We’re hiring!

We've already been doing this for more than ten years, so we've realized it's a marathon, not a sprint.

We work hard, but we do it for a sane number of hours every week. We use our own products obsessively, which means we both understand them in our bones and can get even more done. We provide paid vacation and take all federal holidays off to recharge. Everyone is trained to do customer support so we all can get to know our customers better.


Where we are

We’re fully remote but have an office in Santa Clara, California for the occasional meeting. We consistently share information within the organization so everyone has context.

What we like

We like (in no particular order) jigsaw puzzles, potato chips, archery, escape rooms, TikTok, kayaking, crosswords, jackbox games, movies, Bananagrams, BBQ, cooperative games, coming up with game show ideas, sandwiches, Jeopardy, ridiculous holiday parties, birthday surprises, stuffed animals, and did we mention, food?


We’re doing well, and doing good

We’ve been in business for over a decade and in addition to having millions of satisfied users, we're also profitable. So we get to do things like giving back a portion of our profits to support education in Burma and bleeding edge carbon capture research .

What gets us out of bed in the morning is productivity.
Watch the video to learn more about why we do what we do.
If you have strong opinions (either way) about Inbox Zero, once wrote an ode to the Pomodoro method, or convinced all of your friends to use [insert to-do list software or calendar software] or better yet, convinced them all to use Boomerang, we'd love to meet you!

Our core values

  • We look for authentic people who have sincere convictions.
  • We are self-aware and comfortable with who we are. We should not be dismissive of others for having different convictions than our own, so long as those convictions are genuine and moral.
  • We appreciate when you stick your neck out to advocate for something with your genuine belief.
  • It’s much easier to be critical of ideas than to be the folks who bring the new ideas. It’s easier to be a critic than a creator.
  • Being earnest generally correlates with being optimistic and being tolerant.

Opposite Value: San Francisco's very own "dismissive hipster"

  • We look to create an environment where working together is more enjoyable and creates better output than working alone.
  • When you're working on something hard, consult with someone else on the team.
  • We value institutional knowledge and spend extra time and effort to document our work and share our learning with the rest of the team.
  • Look out for these anti-collaborative behaviors - it's everyone's responsibility to correct these behaviors when we see them (h/t Hacker School). We'll all occasionally exhibit them, so the correct response is an acknowledgement, a quick apology, and then everyone moves on.
    • Well, actually - interrupting someone to make a minor non-material correction, usually of the form "well, actually, James Madison wrote most of that document"
    • High-friction skepticism - it's fine to question assumptions, especially in light of new information, but it should be done in a way that minimizes conflict. Our expectations should always be that the other people on the team are competent, reasonable, and operating in good faith.
    • Feigned surprise, except when used to set up deadpan humor in non-work-related discussions
    • Interrupting someone else who's speaking, in general
    • Elk pissing - Making changes to someone else's work that do not materially improve it, for the sake of leaving your own stamp on it (like an elk marking territory)
    • Playing devil’s advocate for fun instead as a problem solving technique
    • Arguing some viewpoint you don’t actually believe in (argument as a verbal sparring sport)

Opposite Value: Individualistic, cowboy, "no bullshit", high conflict/high friction

  • We aim to evaluate the outcome of projects and initiatives based on how we executed them and how well we made decisions with the information we had at the time, rather than how they ultimately turned out.
  • Luck and things outside our control have a significant role in the outcome of everything. We acknowledge that reality and try to appropriately attribute their contribution to our successes and failures.
  • We believe that a strategy that has a better expected value and is executed well, but that ultimately fails, is better than a strategy with a low expected value or with poor execution, but that ultimately is successful by chance.
  • Though we may not be able to control luck, we control our reaction to it. Bad luck is an explanation, not necessarily an excuse.
  • We analyze and take responsibility for the parts that are in our control.
  • Meeting deadlines and doing the right things are part of being focused on the process.
  • Continually updating the process after a project regardless of the outcome is being focused on the process.

Opposite Value: Results-driven

  • We analyze options and use data to shape our decisions.
  • We believe it’s important to learn from our past mistakes and successes by reviewing what we’ve done.
  • We aim to make thoughtful progress every day without analysis paralysis.
  • We try to find the smallest progress we can make to confirm or reject our hypothesis.
  • We are okay with redoing or changing our minds as we uncover new information.
  • For every project, we start by clarifying the intention and exploring alternatives including “Do we need to do this at all?”
  • We make our actions more thoughtful by soliciting input and documenting our decisions at every step, not by digging deeper without input.

Opposite Value: Move fast and break things.


Just like most tech companies, we offer competitive salaries, paid vacation, and a fun environment. We also help you take care of your teeth and plan for the days when you'll be toothless!

  • Full health insurance
  • Generous vision and dental benefits
  • IRA with company contribution
  • Sane work hours, flexible PTO, and all federal holidays
  • Laptops, monitors, and other remote work equipment
  • Book Club books
  • Annual conference budget (whenever that happens again)
  • Boomerang swag and other surprises

Open roles

If what you've seen so far sounds fun, here are the positions we're looking for. All positions are full time.


Boomerang is looking to add an awesome new member to its customer success team. Working side-by-side with our current team, you will be the first point of contact in guiding our users into becoming happy customers: fielding subscription inquiries, educating them on our products, answering their questions, and improving their experience with our features. This will start out as a full cycle role but we expect the team to specialize as we build out our sales and success motions.

You’ll give live product demos to inbound requests from potential customers, onboard new subscribers, and grow teams. You may also provide some first tier technical and billing support, collect and report on feature requests and improvement ideas, and provide input and assistance to the development team as we improve products.

You should be energized by the thought of getting to talk to our many awesome users. Writing and presenting clearly and effectively - and enjoying doing it - is a must. And because we’re helping our users do important work, you should also be responsive and detail-oriented - you take satisfaction in your clients’ success, keeping the ship running smoothly and getting the details right.

Ideally, you'll have always dreamed about working at a company that's changing the productivity experience for millions of people every day. That's probably too much to ask, but you should at least like the idea, and you need to have tried our products out.


  • Provide live customer demos to inbound subscription inquiries, and to onboard new teams and facilitate product adoption.
  • Clearly articulate and demonstrate our value proposition, creating excitement and enthusiasm among prospects.
  • Contribute to user education materials for Boomerang’s suite of products including our knowledge bases, demos, one-sheets, and more.
  • Develop and cultivate relationships throughout organizations.
  • Identifying upsell opportunities on existing accounts.
  • Maintain strong relationships with customers post-sale to drive both expansion and renewal business.


  • 1-3+ years of sales or customer success experience at a startup.
  • Fantastic communication and presentation skills, with an emphasis on clarity.
  • Awesome listening skills.
  • Empathy and patience.
  • Comfort with conducting live online demos to a group of potential customers.
  • Excitement about the productivity space and about our products.
  • Passionate about learning and becoming a subject matter expert in a complex and changing industry while being able to discuss it and our software in simple terms with customers.

Base salary

$70,000 - $85,000


Remote (US only - CA, WA, OR, TX, NC, NJ, MA), with preference for candidates able to work EST hours.

Please email your resume, a writing sample, and what you like about our products to


Email and personal productivity software are a never ending stream of exciting, customer-life-changing challenges. We're looking for veteran engineers who want to use knowledge gleaned from years of working in software development teams to help us overcome them!

We have apps that millions of customers use every day (and pay for), and the infrastructure to support them efficiently and reliably at a reasonable cost. Our technology choices prioritize solving real user problems - when possible, we try to minimize complicated architecture and dependencies, but when it was necessary, we built a proprietary hybrid machine learning architecture.

We need your judgment and experience to help us shave months of development time off critical projects, help us keep the servers alive a few extra nights a year, and share that judgment and experience across our engineering team.

The right candidate is already able to work at an expert level in one of the languages or frameworks we use at Boomerang. You'll be able to share stories of mistakes you've made and learned from in past work, and you'll be able to identify the same mistakes as they are being made here. You already know how to interface with a product team, support team, marketing team, and leadership team to make everything run more smoothly.

You can differentiate between when new platforms, frameworks, and design patterns solve real problems and when they're just shiny objects, and even more importantly, know how to communicate that knowledge to everyone who needs to know it. You're comfortable expressing your thoughts clearly in writing. You're collaborative and enjoy teaching people what you know, but also are receptive and open when someone else is in a position to teach you.

In return, you'll work in an environment that welcomes responsibility, where your work will help millions of people focus on the most rewarding parts of their jobs, and as part of a friendly, fun, elite team.


  • BA/BS Degree in Computer Science or related major, 5+ years of industry experience in a software development environment
  • Deep knowledge of at least one of the following technologies (the more the better!):
    • HTML/CSS/JS, with jQuery
    • Solving CSS/JS multi-browser compatibility problems
    • Front-end performance optimization
    • Python + Django
  • Understanding of back-end technologies and databases is a plus
  • An interest in productivity software

Salary range

$180 – $250k

To apply, please send the following to

  • Your resume
  • A link to your Github (if available)
  • A cover letter that includes a paragraph about why you’re excited about what we do