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Simplify your day with Boomerang: the email app that lowers your stress

Archive, delete, snooze
with custom swipe

Try the fastest, most accurate gesture system email’s ever seen. Customize the swipe right gesture to archive, delete, or mark as read. Swipe left for everything else, then flick or let go. You’ll have a clean Inbox in no time flat!

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Search faster and smarter with Intelligent Query

Trying to find a specific message on your phone can be an ordeal. But searching your email is effortless with intelligent query. We’ve added easy shortcuts to help you craft the perfect search. Plus advanced searches you can’t get anywhere else, like finding emails with phone numbers, spreadsheets, or only messages you need to respond to. Also, try searching with your voice!

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Snooze your emails on iPhone

Want a clean inbox, but don't want to lose track of messages you’ll need later? Use Boomerang to take messages out of your Inbox and have them come back when you need them. Snooze anything that you can’t deal with right now but that’s important, so you can have the right emails at the right time, always.

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Send later and follow up reminders

Write an email now and schedule it to be sent whenever you choose. Increase the chances of your email getting read by scheduling it to arrive at a time the recipient will most likely see it. Set a follow-up reminder when you’re writing an important message, and Boomerang will remind you to check in if you don’t get a reply.

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