Schedule emails to send at optimal times, snooze messages, get read receipts & follow up reminders if someone doesn't respond to your email.

Send messages at the perfect time, get a reminder if your email doesn't get a reply & add a smart calendar assistant to schedule meetings faster.

Send emails later, get follow up reminders, read receipts, and snooze messages to a time or a location—all on your Android or iOS device.


One-click calendar scheduling without leaving your email

Boomerang's scheduling features save you and your guests time by eliminating back-and-forth emails, double bookings, and missed meetings due to typos.

  • Suggest Times: schedule a meeting in a single email!
  • Share Free/Busy: Share your availability without giving up your privacy, even across domains!
  • Turn emails into events: Add meeting details to your calendar, right from your Inbox!

Make your meetings happen:

Respondable: write perfect emails in Gmail and Outlook

Now included in Boomerang: an assistant that uses artificial intelligence to help you write better, more actionable emails in real-time. Based on data from millions of messages, Respondable makes every email you send more effective:

  • Get more responses to your emails
  • Always strike the right tone
  • Get insight into how you write

Write better emails now:

Boomerang is the leader in email productivity software. Since 2010, Boomerang has helped millions of email users focus on what matters, when it matters. From making sure messages receive responses to revolutionizing how we schedule meetings, thanks to Boomerang, effective digital communication has never been easier.


Boomerang Calendar

Boomerang Calendar has graduated! Scheduling features are now included inside of Boomerang for Gmail! Simple calendar scheduling built into Gmail. Schedule meetings in a single email, highlight dates and times with your free/busy status. Share your availability with one click.

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Inbox Pause

Inbox Pause has graduated, and is now part of Boomerang for Gmail and Boomerang for Outlook!  With Inbox Pause, you can put new messages on hold, making it so they won't appear in your Inbox until you are ready for them.

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Revive Your Inbox

21 day program to help you restore email sanity

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Email for Real Estate

Email productivity insights and tips for real estate agents and realtors

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Boomerang Blog

Productivity and email research from Boomerang

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