We've already been doing this more than eight years, so we've realized it's a marathon, not a sprint.

Current Openings

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We work hard, but we do it for a sane number of hours every week. We use our own products obsessively, which means we both understand them in our bones and can get even more done. We provide paid vacation and take federal holidays off to recharge. Everyone does customer support. In September, we took the whole company to Hawaii to step back, get a fresh perspective, and eat our weight in poke.

Our office is in downtown Mountain View, where the weather is always beautiful. Our neighbors are fellow startups, coffee houses (we pick up the tab) and dozens of restaurants with much better food than you can get from a catering company. We're also right next to Caltrain, so driving is 100% optional.

We like jigsaw puzzles, food, Bananagrams, cooperative games, coming up with game show ideas, ridiculous holiday parties, our french press, espresso machine, and Blue Bottle subscription, company-provided laptops and giant monitors, birthday surprises, stuffed animals, and... food! We eat together as a team almost every day.

In addition to having millions of users, we're also profitable. So we get to do things like giving back a portion of our profits to support education in Burma.

What gets us out of bed in the morning is productivity.

So if Lifehacker is your first stop on the Internet in the morning, you have strong opinions (either way) about Inbox Zero, you once wrote an ode to the Pomodoro method, or you've convinced all your friends to use [insert to-do list software or calendar software] or better yet, convinced them all to use Boomerang, we'd love to meet you!


Just like most tech companies, we offer competitive salaries, paid vacation, and a fun office environment. We also help you take care of your teeth and plan for the days when you'll be toothless!

  • Full medical and dental insurance
  • IRA with company contribution
  • Annual conference budget
  • Relocation assistance

If what you've seen so far sounds fun, here are the positions we're looking for. All positions are full time and based in our office in Mountain View.


  • Customer Happiness Liaison

    Boomerang is looking to add an awesome new team member to its Customer Happiness Team. Working side-by-side with Jacqui, our current awesome Customer Happiness team member, you will communicate with customers, answering their questions and improving their experience with our products.

    You will provide technical and billing support, collect and report on feature requests and improvement ideas, and provide input and assistance to the development team as we improve products.

    Organized to a fault (borderline OCD is probably a plus), you should be obsessed with keeping the ship running smoothly, have a lot of energy and enthusiasm, and take satisfaction in getting the details right. Writing clearly and effectively - and enjoying doing it - is a must.

    Ideally, you'll have always dreamed about working at a company that's changing the email experience for hundreds of thousands of people every day. That's probably too much to ask, but you should at least like the idea, and you need to have tried our products out.

    Responsibilities will include:
    • * Providing first-line email customer service. You will help customers with billing questions, account migrations, cancellations (hopefully not many), and setting up group subscriptions. You will respond to customer feedback and general questions.
    • * Providing first-line email technical support. You will assist customers who are having trouble with Boomerang, Boomerang Calendar, Inbox Pause, and The Email Game, enter common issues into our bug tracking system, and work with the development team to minimize these requests.
    • * Working with the engineering team to improve the quality of the products. Specifically, you'll help with creating test coverage plans and testing new builds.
    • * Actively improving support documentation and working with the development team to make the product itself solve as many support requests as possible
    • * Awesome listening skills
    • * Fantastic writing skills, with an emphasis on clarity
    • * Empathy and patience
    • * Borderline maniacal organization skills - nothing should ever slip through the cracks
    • * Excitement about working at a startup
    • * Excitement about the email space and about our products
    • * Ability to commute to our office in Mountain View, CA
    • * College graduate
    • * This position does not require a computer-related degree, but some technical experience is a plus. It's good if you're the designated person in your family who helps mom and dad when their printer doesn't work. It's also a positive if you've fired up the Chrome developer tools before.

    This is a full time position based in our office in Mountain View. Please email your resume, a writing sample, and what you like about our products to i.want.to.work@baydin.com